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WRENSONG/REYNSONG is an independent music publishing company with offices in Nashville & Minneapolis.  Conceived in 1983 by Father/Daughter team, Reyn Guyer and Ree Guyer Buchanan, the company began with only 20 songs and is now home to over 3,000.  Our current writer roster consists of Trevor Rosen, Clint & Bob Moffatt (Like Strangers), Jacob Davis and Shelley Skidmore. We administer multiple catalogs, including Jon Randall, Ashley Monroe, John Wiggins, Sally Barris and many more!



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Wrensong/Reynsong offers full in-house administration services for our writers and the catalogs we represent as well as outside writers and catalogs.

Admin Services


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Contact Us

1229 17th Avenue South
Nashville, TN 37212
Phone: 615-321-4487
Fax: 615-327-7917

CHRISTINA MITCHELL / christina.wrensong@gmail.com - Songplugging, Writer Calendars, Song/Writer/Publisher info., general Licensing & Royalty inquiries

MADELYN TILLIS / madelyn.wrensong@gmail.com – Label Copy, Licensing & Royalty inquiries for staff writers & catalogs owned by Wrensong/Reynsong



We do not accept unsolicited material.

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